celebrate being fully human: spiritual and sexual

Be part of the cosmic orgasm
20th, 21st en 22nd of June 2015

Dear sisters and dear brothers, I am just one human being, a woman connected to all of you. This is my gift. I share my fruit, my wisdom with you. Because I can not do differently. This is what I am, what I see and wish to create: 3 days of Love and Unity on this planet for the Earth, for humanity and for me. This is so easy to do. Because we are love and oneness. Anyone can do it. No investments are needed. If we manage three days of love and oneness we will experience a smooth transformation of the Earth. This time will probably be our three best days of our lives. This is an invitation for you to celebrate together love an oneness.


Planet Earth is love.
The Earth reminds me that paradise is here and now. Not only because she is so amazingly beautiful but she is feeding me with everything I need without judgement from the day I arrived on this planet. I haven’t seen governments or leaders doing this. She gives without limits. The Earth is unconditionally love! The Earth loves me and supports me and all living beings over and over again. Therefore my thrust is in her, in nature and in the human beings. She is my biggest example and reminder: to give and to receive easily. I am like her: I GIVE and I RECEIVE with equal pleasure because it is naturally!

Never ever on this planet has been so much unity as now.
I realize that 7,3 billion humans on this planet came forth out of unity, out of a sexual act between a man and a woman becoming one. Different families, cultures or religions became one. We all are the result of merging of opposites. We unite these opposites in ourself. We are the living prove that unity exists and is present all the time! Never have I seen a person divided into a man and a woman after being merged. It is just not possible. Even men are loving men and women are loving women, unity everywhere. I AM ONE! Yes, WITH YOU, YOU AND YOU! We are one together with 7,3 billion people. We are connected like mushrooms.

Acting fully human.
I want to be naked, without a mask, innocent and receptive like when I was born! I want to drop everything what is man-made: I drop my religion and cultural masks. A family name is of no importance, states and color neither. Borders are man-made in fear and are just imaginary. I see each other as brothers and sisters from one cosmic family, totally equal and acting fully human.

If we are not conscious today that we are unity and love, we will be it tomorrow.


Experience the biggest orgasm ever by celebrating love and unity.
This was my very happy vision of last week: 3 Days of love and unity everywhere on our Earth.! When the sun disappears, because the moon is standing in front of the sun, the cosmic orgasm of the Earth and of all humanity is starting. The sun creates a ring of light around the dark moon. The sunbeams make the moon shine. Both, the sun ánd the moon are fully present in daylight . We came so numerous to this planet in this timeline to celebrate and to witness the orgasmic climax from the Earth. We didn’t know what to expect, we were anxious and very curious to be part of our transformation proces as humanity. We decided as humanity from this day on to respect nature and to let go of money, possessions, status, religion and boarders, because it is not natural. It was taking our energy and keeping us from our life purpose. The first day myself and all the people over the world were starting to clean out our homes and to turn it into a sacred space, to prepare heavenly food and to purify our divine body and thoughts. We forgave our self and others. We were ready to be fully human, to surrender to the guidance of our soul, to connect and to love unconditionally, including every one. The second day we left our houses and choose our favorite spot in nature. I was surrounded by beautiful flowers and sweet smells and all kinds of colorful animals. Some people were in silence. I was making love all day and speaking my most beautiful words. I felt that the best thing I could share was myself. I was the gift to others and I saw their gifts, their beauty and uniqueness. Some were singing happily or making beautiful art works. Everyone was blooming and beaming. Every action was healing us. Whatever we were doing we were totally connected with each other and all that lives. Most people were sleeping outside on green beds of mother nature. The third day a big wave of energy in the Earth woke us up. She was going through her transformation to a new frequency. We choose to be fully aware and awaken during this transformation. We were joining in on this orgasmic vibration by meditation or by making love. We, being part of the Earth, were evolving to the next frequency as well and became fully whom we really are. We experienced for the first time as humanity that we could easily leave our body and travel through different universes and dimensions and return back to the Earth. Love and unity was the energy which made these travels possible for everyone. With our free will and intention we could create our destiny and made these travels come true immediately. Dreams became reality and reality became a dream. This wonderful vision inspired me to share it with you.

"Why don’t we live this now?’’, I asked myself.! Imagine how the world would look like…


What is the name Yoonity?

Yoonity means: Yoni+Unity
Yoni is Sanskrit: योiन literally "vagina" or "womb".
Yoni is the symbol of a Goddess, the Divine Mother

When disappears the sun?

Friday the 20th of March 2015 there was a sun eclipse. I have witnessed this with my friends. It was totally cloudy but we were able to break the clouds open with our intention and singing. This eclipse has an impact on the ritme of light and dark, and on the temperature on the Earth, this is the start of the cosmic orgasm.

What is happening after this period of love and happiness?

We as human beings have the power of the free will to continue or just to move back to "normal".

When is the climax of the cosmic orgasm?

It is on the North side of the equinox on the longest day, on the 21st of June 2015 is de climax. This is the turning point where we move from the longest day with maximum of light towards the shorter and darker days. On the South side of the equinox it is the turning point of the darkest day towards the lighter days.


How can we participate in this cosmic orgasm?
I only can show you how I would live:

I thank

the Earth for everything she has been giving us. I am grateful for all the beautiful people around me. In each of them I recognize a teacher who taught me all lessons and brought me till this moment.

I claim

my birthright: I am innocent, I am free, I am perfect, I am creative, I am love and oneness, I am divine being! I drop my masks and all that is artificial. I accept I am as I am!

I follow

nature and its natural flow. I get up with sunrise and celebrate this new day and share my gifts. Turn inwards as the darkness arrives. Imagine if we wouldn’t use time and electricity during these three days what an immense peace will cover the Earth. Three days without electro smog. It will be easy to come in the same orgasmic vibration as the Earth.

I eat

fruits and veggies which are directly given by the Earth. I choose the highest qualities. I deserve it! I make myself light as a feather. Meat, fish, milk or eggs are not given to us by the Earth. We have been taking it. If I consume these I become one with for example meat. So partial I am the animal I have eaten and I become less human. I become heavy in my energy. So I just eat light during these three days or I will not eat at all.

I liberate

myself of rusty thoughts, assumptions, dogmas and obligations. What distinguish us from animals are our thoughts. This is the highest gift given to humanity. We are able to create everything we want. Simply by focusing our thoughts. We start creation by intention. So let us use our thoughts wisely, respectful and playful. I liberate myself in order to create these days of love and unity!

I create

out of love and unity. I am a creator! No copier. I create with nature. I just start my most beautiful creation I always dreamed of. Everybody can do this. If my action is not out of love or unity than I am not acting at all. I am responsible for my actions.

I honor

my human outfit, my body, my temple and that from others. In this temple is the grail, the holy of holiness. The point where I am connected to everyone, and the lowest point from where I can create the highest. Where I can feel my life force and understand what its purpose is. I let my heart speak. I am guided and thrust my inner wisdom that my body is complete and perfect. I stay out of movement, listen to my body and experience the blissful pleasure when I surrender to the cosmic orgasmic wave. I experience beyond time and space all as one. All-one. Alone…

I connect

First to my sisters and see myself in them: the universal image of Mother and Child. Every human being has been carried by a mother. In the great warm darkness of her womb a new sun has been born. This mother ánd child is me. By holding my sons in my arms, nurture them with my sweet milk and expanding waves of heart energy I developed their heart centre in the first seven years of their lives. Like my mother activated my heart centre.

I wish to keep my sexual energy for myself till 20th, 21st en 22nd June 2015, when the 3 World days of Love and Unity starts. Then to merge my consciousness and my body with myself, a love or the Earth, everything included. Love never excludes anything.


For at least three days: 20th, 21st en 22nd of June 2015.

• like myself
• I forgive myself and others
• I thank the Earth, the Sun, my father, my mother, my family, friends and teacher
• I claim my birthright: I am innocent, free, and perfect
• I thrust my inner wisdom and the wisdom of the Earth
• I follow nature and my natural ritme
• I eat fruit and veggies
• I liberate myself of heaviness
• I master my thoughts, my habits and my actions
• I create happiness, oneness and love
• I honor my body as a temple and that from others
• I connect to my brothers and sisters, and to my heart, mind and sexual centre
• I love unconditionally, myself and all that is alive
• I am Divine!
• Yes, I want to be part of the cosmic orgasm of the Earth !


I invite you to be part of the cosmic orgasm

WORLD days of Love and Unity

Celebrate being fully human: spiritual and sexual

20th, 21st en 22nd of June 2015

I as a woman alone (all-one) I can make a start with a world from love and oneness, for at least three days! Together we are strong and we will become stronger. If you think this is a beautiful dream and you see the possibility that this can become reality, would you like to help with sharing this visions among your friends and familie? I would be most grateful to you! Probably I will meet you soon in the field of love and oneness.

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All these words came directly out of my heart. I am totally responsible in creating love and unity on a world scale. If it doesn’t resonate with your heart, don’t believe it. Trust yourself! Any way let us have a party in June 2015. Life must be celebrated!

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